What is book launch day?

Musing from a first-time author

Dec 6, 2022 — my book launched! The Business of UX Writing, #43 in the A Book Apart series.

My book! Open to chapter 4: Show me the money.

But what does that actually mean? Honestly I’m not sure.

In a sense, I feel like the day pre-orders opened was the big day. The first day the book was actually available for purchase seems like it might have been the most significant day in this part of the process. In fact, when I announced that pre-orders opened, people congratulated me on my launch; and when I announced the book had launched, some people thought it had launched already.

The main difference between pre-order day and launch day, I guess, is that early adopters prefer to pre-order because they know they’ll be the first to get the book. Theirs start shipping the second the books come off the presses, even if launch day hasn’t arrived yet. (This was news to me! Very cool news.) Pre-orders also let me get early feedback and cool pics which make launch day even more exciting. So I totally get pre-order day and think it’s cool.

But today is launch day. What happens now? I’ve been (strongly) advised to have a launch party with a cake. A chill glass of wine on the balcony is basically my way of celebrating everything, so I’ll be doing that. I mean, I’d be drinking on the balcony anyway, so what’s inviting over a friends for cake ;)

Maybe pre-order day is like when labor begins and you know the baby is arriving imminently… but launch day is when that baby pops out and you hold its little face: the beginning of the end is certainly significant, while the end of the beginning has a unique kind of power.

Either way, launch day is HERE! Ordering now means your book ships right away. I can’t wait to hear what you think. You can get it at https://abookapart.com/products/the-business-of-ux-writing.



UX writer and author https://abookapart.com/products/the-business-of-ux-writing

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