When everyone’s giving you tasks and they’re all urgent, where do you begin?

Nuggets of wisdom I took away from the keynotes (not comprehensive summaries)

Meredith Arthur: Collaborating with overthinkers

  • When you need to give uncomfortable pushback, to a superior for example, try posing it as a question. Not, “I don’t think we should do that because it will decrease our ability to hit our goal,” but rather, “Will doing that decrease our ability to hit our goal?” …

Collaboration is king

Where can a UX writer go from here?

All microcopy is UXW, not all UXW is microcopy

Providing just the right amount of information in your microcopy

Yael Ben-David

UX writer specializing in complex products. Passionate about making tech accessible to mass markets. Also a proud em dash enthusiast.

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